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Professional Development

Children's Defense Fund Ella Baker Trainer

"Each year, exceptional Servant Leaders are selected as Ella Baker Trainers (EBTs) to lead the Ella Baker Child Policy Training Institutes. EBTs can train in the CDF Freedom Schools program officially for 5 years, but many commit a lifetime of service to their communities."


  • ​Leadership Consulting

  • Educator Coaching

  • College & Career Planning and Development

  • Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogy

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

  • Program Development, Implementation, and Evaluation


Knoxville Chamber of Commerce

Endeavor Summit

Leadership Legacy – Developing Personal Leadership Skills Through Reflection

University of Tennessee Knoxville

15th Annual Black Issues Conference

Education in the Black Community: What are we Missing?

Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools

Ella Baker Child Policy Training Institute

Running for Office – Servant Leadership in the Community

Tennessee Department of Education

Tennessee Academy for School Leaders

Diversity and Perception Virtual Training

The TRIO Foundation of St. Louis

Board Members

Public Education + Pandemic + Racial Uprising = How Will We Recover?

Culturally Relevant Training: Services
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