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Professional Development

Advancing Lives, LLC can provide a series of professional development sessions. In-person and virtual options available.

Leadership Consulting

Advancing Lives, LLC can provide ongoing support to navigate relationships and implementation of DEI plans for executive team members, faculty, and staff.

Hiring Process

Advancing Lives, LLC can support your organization through the hiring process of diverse candidates.

Curriculum Development

Advancing Lives, LLC can provide culturally relevant lesson plans to introduce diversity, equity, and inclusion topics through thought-provoking reading materials for faculty, staff, and students.

Gap Analysis and Evaluation

Advancing Lives, LLC can conduct a series of focus groups to identify what gaps exist among faculty and staff in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Results found will be used to develop an evaluation tool to ensure the effectiveness of a safe and supportive environment for all.

Policies and Procedures

Advancing Lives, LLC can provide evidence-based policies and procedures to address diversity, equity, and inclusion. Each policy will come with implementation steps to resolve future conflicts regarding DEI, racism, and bias.

And more!

Advancing Lives, LLC prides itself on creating customized plans for your organization's needs.

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