Young Elected Official


Young People For – National Summit

XQ Institute – School Board Panel

Black Millennial Political Convention – TN Regional Conference

UTK Haslam College of Business – Women in Business Summit


Resolution discouraging the use of handcuffs on a student in K-5 education settings

Resolution Acknowledging Juneteenth and Affirming Black Lives in Knox County Schools

Knox County Board of Education Policy C-240 "Face Coverings"


School Board Members of Color Uncover How School Boards Work

Hosted by XQ Institute

When it comes to decisions being made at your school, we can imagine you have an opinion. You also probably had hundreds of questions before Covid-19, but probably have thousands more at this point. Did you know your school board members may have the answers? We invite you to our table with four extraordinary school board members, Evetty Satterfield, Channel Powe, Korin Kirk and Ashley Comans, who demystify the work of local school boards and share how you can get involved, get answers and share solutions that impact you.

Scroll down to watch our 4-part video below!



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